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Corporate Adoptions

Your Company Can Make A Difference.  

My Fiji Shark is an adoption program dedicated entirely to ocean conservation.  

We support and cooperate with local communities. 

In order to achieve our goals we need the support of companies like yours.  You can play a vital role in the preservation of Fiji's marine ecosystems, and the ongoing protection and advocacy for her shark populations.  

Where Your Money Goes

Assisting Fiji's Government to meet Commitments made at the 2017 Ocean Conference.  

Specifically: improved coastal fisheries management, and the conservation 

and management of all species of sharks and rays and their critical habitats.  

Funds will also be used for continued shark research, purchase of research materials, creation of new shark conservation initiatives and to build our very own Shark Lab right here in Fiji!

Custom Adoption Packages for Your Company

Contact our Program Coordinator to tailor a custom adoption for your business. 

Options include: naming a brand ambassador shark; high-res video for marketing; t-shirts; dive trips; visits to the village of the traditional owners of Shark Reef Marine Reserve; shark themed art crafted by local artisans; in-house conservation presentations made by our Marine Biologists; and many more.  The options are endless, and the positive impacts of your contribution last a lifetime.

Contact our Program Coordinator Natasha

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