Meet The Team


Manoa Lauvili

Marine Biologist, Divemaster &

Hand feeder


Born in Lautoka, Fiji, Manoa was drawn to the sea as a young teenager during his high school years.  Upon learning of the plight of sharks in the South Pacific and the status of Fiji as a major hub in the shark fin market, he knew he wanted to become a Marine Biologist.  Manoa received his degree in Marine Biology from the University of South Pacific.

  Manoa has been a part of the BAD family for over 7 years.  As an integral part of the Shark Dive, you can find him below water hand feeding our sharks, or observing and recording the sharks and their behaviours.  Top-side during the surface interval, he shares information about the sharks who were present that day in addition to shark biology and BAD's ongoing conservation efforts .  Manoa also maintains the scientific database for SRMR.  

His favourite species of shark are: Silvertips, Tiger Sharks and of course Bull Sharks.

Of our famous Bulls, his favorites include females Gape, Pointer Granma.



Natasha D. Marosi

Program Coordinator &

Director of Conservation


 Born in New York City, United States, Natasha practiced criminal defense law before she decided that her skills could be put to better use assisting sharks and their ocean environments.  

Natasha will tell you, the ocean is 'heaven underwater'.  When people appreciate the ocean and it's creatures, they are motivated to change their lives and behaviors to protect it for the future generations.   If she can inspire someone to learn to dive, dive with sharks, or change their perspective about them she is happy.

Natasha is also BAD's Director of Conservation.  She feels most at home in the water surrounded by sharks and the multitude of other creatures on Shark Reef.  You can often find her under water taking video and recording behavior, or top-side sharing shark stories with clients.  Her favorite shark species are Bulls, Sicklefin Lemons and Silvertips. She has many favorite sharks but female Bull Crook is her obsession, she adores male Grey Reef Tootsie and she harbours unconditional love for her two 'sons', Bull brothers Sheisty & Hustler.  




Marine Biologist & Divemaster & Honorary Fish Warden

Born on the island of 

Matacawalevu in the Yasawas, Ben was a child of the water: fishing, spear-fishing and reef-walking with his father.  His love and fascination of the oceans, coupled with his 

frustration at their destruction 

motivated him to study Marine Biology.  Ben acquired his degrees after studying in both France & the University of South 

Pacific. After working for the Department of Fisheries, Ben decided to call BAD his home and he has been part of our family for over 8 years.

Ben is an integral part of the Shark Dive: under water he observes and 

records the sharks and their 

behaviours.  Top-side during the surface interval he shares 

information about the sharks present that day in addition to shark biology

and BAD's ongoing conservation

efforts.  Ben also maintains the scientific database for SRMR.  His favourite sharks species are Silvertips, Bull and Zebra Sharks.  Of our famous Bulls, his favorites are females Granma and Curly and male Trailer.