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Gone is a uniquye and engaging female Bull Shark visiting the Shark Reef Marine Reserve.  Gone’s self-assured attitude and amiable nature make her very special, and a Shark Star.

  • FAQ

    Gone was named for her missing second dorsal fin, it is almost completely gone just leaving a concave bit of fin left.

    Gone has been visting the SRMR since December 2016, she is ~20 years old and large in size close to 3m in length.

  • Behavior

    Gone is very comfortable approaching divers when she chooses to.

    Gone belongs to our tribe of specialized aerialists and is a fierce competitor under the suspended bait bin.

  • What Is Included

    Virtual Adoption Pack​​ - Files Sent via WeTransfer

    • One Year Adoption

    • A  Welcome Letter 

    • Official, personalised Fijian Shark Adoption Certificate 

    • Photo of Your Shark

    • Personality Card of Your Shark created by the staff researchers who know her personally

    • Species Card 

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