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Jazz is a sprightly young male Bull Shark frequenting the Shark Reef Marine Reserve.  Jazz's outgoing personality and his quickly developing skill set make him very special and a Shark Star.

  • FAQ

    Jazz was named for the zig-zag cut out in the lower lobe of his caudal fin, similar to male Bull Shark Chunky.  Jazz has also recently acquired injury: a rip and missing piece of the apex of his first dorsal fin.

    Jazz was first recorded on SRMR March 2018, and is approx 7-10 years of age and 1.5m in length.

  • Behavior

    Jazz appears quite comfortable around divers and will swim in close proximity to them.  

    Jazz is a substrate and aerial feeder, and zips around the SRMR like a rocket.

  • What's Included

    Virtual Adoption Pack​​ - Files Sent via WeTransfer

    • One Year Adoption

    • A  Welcome Letter 

    • Official, personalised Fijian Shark Adoption Certificate

    • Photo of Your Shark

    • Personality Card of Your Shark with exclusive details by the Fijian divers and researchers who know them individually

    • Species Card  

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