Bold and inquisitive, Nani  is one of the most adored female Bull Sharks frequenting the Shark Reef Marine Reserve.  Her charming personality and outgoing nature make Nani supremely special and a Shark Superstar.

  • FAQ

    Nani can be identified by the the tip of her right pectoral fin, which is bent upwards.  

    Nani has been visting the SRMR since June of 2009, and is large shark at a  length of 2.5-3m, and approx. 20-25 years old.

  • Behavior

    While Nani appears to enjoy the company of people she rarely ventures into the personal space of the divers.

    Nani is a adept at hand feeding and competing under the suspended bait bin in the aerial feed.

  • What Is Included

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    • One Year Adoption

    • A  Welcome Letter 

    • Official, personalised Fijian Shark Adoption Certificate 

    • Photo of Your Shark

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    • Bull Shark Species Card