Strap is one of the luckiest female bull sharks frequenting the Shark Reef Marine Reserve.  A true survivor and ambassador against plastic pollution, Strap is very special and a Shark Star.

  • FAQ

    Strap was originally named for plastic packing strap she was entangled in, and can recognized by the scars around her head and gills, from the packing tape which burst and peeled away.

    Strap was identified in SRMR in June 2016, she is one of our younger sharks of ~10-15 years and a length ~2m.

  • Behavior

    Strap is a specialized aerialist, preferring to compete for tuna beneath the suspended bait bin.  She has never attempted to handfeed. 

  • What Is Included

    Virtual Adoption Pack​​ - Files Sent via WeTransfer

    • One Year Adoption

    • A  Welcome Letter 

    • Official, personalised Fijian Shark Adoption Certificate 

    • Photo of Your Shark

    • Personality Card of Your Shark with exclusive details by the Fijian divers and researchers who know Your Shark individually

    • Bull Shark Species Card 


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