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A true player, Sharkbite is one of the most popular male Bull Sharks frequenting the Shark Reef Marine Reserve.  His magnetic disposition and friendliness make Sharkbite very special and a Shark Superstar.

  • FAQ

    Sharkbite derives his name from having lost the upper half of his first dorsal fin, possibly by the predatory bite of another shark. When he first turned up in February 2013, his injury was so fresh you could see the cross section of the fin; now the wound has healed over and the fin looks exactly like Topsail's.

    When Sharkbite first visited SRMR, he was a tiny juvenile with small claspers, so we estimate his age at less than 10 years.  Sharkbite is a mere 1.5 meters in length because he is still a young shark and because male Bull Sharks are generally smaller than females.  What he lacks for in size however is made up by his larger-than-life magnetic personality.

  • Behavior

    Having interacted with humans from a very early age, Sharkbite appears extremely at ease around people and will often closely execute 'drive bys' out of what appears to be sheer exuberance and curiosity.

    His boldness and quick learning make him one of our most adept specialized aerialist feeders where he is always hustling mid-water and where his speed and agility guarantee that he ends up with a good share of the released bait.

  • What Is Included

    Virtual Adoption Pack​​ - Files Sent via WeTransfer

    • One Year Adoption

    • A  Welcome Letter 

    • Official, personalised Fijian Shark Adoption Certificate 

    • Photo of Your Shark

    • Personality Card of Your Shark with exclusive details by the Fijian divers and researchers who know Your Shark individually

    • Bull Shark Species Card 

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